Post Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:57 am

Exporting OpenStreetMap map & converting to Polish Format

OpenStreetMap ( has global maps people have contributed to over the years and is a good source of free GPS map data.

This workflow describes how we can export a map from OpenStreetMap and convert it to Polish Format (.MP) that can be used in GPSMapEdit or even directly compiled with cGPSmapper compiler into a Garmin GPS map (.IMG).

First you will need to export the map from

- Using your internet browser navigate to
- In the map display navigate to your area of interest like a city or a town etc.
- Click on the Export tab
- Choose Format to Export as OpenStreetMap XML Data
- Finally click the export button

This will create a file on your PC called 'map.osm'. This file will have all the POI, Polyline and Polygons data for your area map in OpenStreetMap XML format.

To convert the OpenStreetMap XML Data (map.osm) to Polish Format (.MP):

You will need to download and configure the osm2mp perl program by Liosha. Details of how to download this program and configure it on your PC can be found in the Topic "Osm2mp perl script From OpenStreetMap" at

To run the osm2mp perl script on your file on your PC:

Start> run> cmd <enter>

In the command line navigate to the folder that contains your downloaded map.osm file from OpenStreetMap using the 'cd' command

Run the script as follows:

C:\Perl\bin\perl map.osm >

This will give you a file that will be in Polish Format.

This .mp (polish Format) can be opened/edited in GPSMapEdit or even be compiled directly with the cGPSmapper compiler.